3 French Hens Make Such a Mess!


To those of you who entered yesterday's contest for a shirt like our Santa model here is wearing, wow! There were more entries with correct answers than we had shirts for. Were you one of the lucky ones?


First, thank you to everyone who entered yesterday's contest. We really appreciate you all interacting with us for this holiday event. 

So Who Won?!

  • James Swift
  • Jeff Nowicki
  • Gary Miller
  • Robert Griffin
  • Edward Crozier
  • Laurie Chatham
  • Anthony Elder
  • Renee Fredricksen
  • Richard Martin
  • Barry Beecher
  • Sultan BinShaieg

All of your shirts are being shipped out today and you'll have them very soon.

What's Next?

We happen to have some very stylish hats here that, very much like the Misfit Toys, only want a home. What do you have to do to win such fashionable headware you ask? 

We've got even less hats than we do shirts so we're going to have to make this one... Interesting. To enter, all you'll need to do is go to this link watch our episode of Performance TV and answer our question about the episode. Sounds simple right? Time will tell, since you've got all weekend to complete your holiday quest for high fashion hats! 

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