7 Cups Of Sipping

You could win this cup. Tony thought he was going to win when I took this picture of him. He also didn't think I was going to put cute deer antlers on him, either way that's still a win for you right?!



Poor Tony. He really trusted that I was just taking a simple picture of him for the website without antlers on his head. Alas, it was all a ruse and now we get to bask in his holiday cheeriness. A cheeriness so pure and bright that you can almost hear the holiday music playing on his Bluetooth headphones, Feliz Navidad indeed Tony!


This Drink, I like It, Another!

How do you acquire a goblet fit for a thunder God but made for mere mortals? A mug so new we don't even have it listed on our website yet? First, may I also mention that if you want something, more substantial? You, not Tony, can register to win $500 in products from us here at American Car Craft, happy holidays!

But Wait, There's More!

Perhaps you're a Corvette C7 owner who's engine bay is a little on the stock side of cool? We've got something for you too. That's all, have a great night!

Oh right, the American Car Craft Cup of Everlasting Awesome you want to win? The cup is really awesome, polished chrome lid and carbon fiber accents make this thing look pretty outstanding. You'll have to write your name on it if you take it to work because someone is going to snatch this one away from you when you're not looking. 


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