Custom Car Accessories Gift Guide 2019


Custom Car Accessories Gift Guide 2019

Every year here at American Car Craft we get hundreds of calls and emails asking for recommendations on the best gift to give to the car lover in their lives. That's why we created a guide to find unique car accessories gifts. There are numerous factors that play a role in selecting the perfect gift. The first thing that comes to mind is… what are their goals for their vehicle?  Do they want to display their vehicle at different car shows and even maybe win some trophies… or are they just trying to make a generic-looking vehicle into something that reflects their personality with some custom car accessories?


If someone is just getting into the car show scene, you can start with something like our Fluid Cap Sets available for:

....and many more! This is a great way for someone to get started with our parts and add a very nice touch to any engine bay.

Mobil 1 Oil Cap Cover C5 Fluid Cap Set

Now, if they are a seasoned car show professional, they will know what they want and exactly what they are looking for so it's best to ask for their advice or input on what their ideas and goals are for their car. We have the perfect solution for that too from our full package bundle deals to our completely dress up the engine bay kits.



(Top) Complete C7 Z06 Engine Bay, with polished stainless and perforated fender covers along with Blue LEDs and custom carbon fiber top plate.
(Bottom) A fully tricked out custom show C6 Corvette with our polished perforated package with over 800whp. Performance not included)

If the person you are buying for does not care about car shows or never opens the hood unless something is wrong, like a check engine light or wiper fluid is low, then we suggest some more practical and useful parts that you will be able to see every time you get in your ride. Like our custom interior and exterior trim kits for American Muscle Cars such as the Challenger, Corvette, and Mustang, also Jeep, Hummer, F-150/Raptor, the elusive Viper & Prowler, and many more. We have many finish options to choose from such as carbon fiber, brushed or polished stainless steel (which simulates chrome), black stainless, gold stainless, and much more. Depending on the parts you choose, some have custom color inlays, along with some illuminated led parts, also available in several colors. The choices and options that are available allow you to customize the accessories to your exact style.

Challenger Doorsills Jeep Grill

We understand that finding that perfect engine bay part for your discerning gift receiver can be nearly impossible, but you can never go wrong with an American Flag Emblem or two. Not only can they be added to any surface of a car or truck, but they can also be added to coolers, ATVs, side-by-sides, boats or basically any semi-flat surface.

American Flag Emblem

And for all those last-minute givers, we do have the perfect gift that can be purchased right up to the very last minute and be available for them to use Christmas morning.  Everyone’s favorite lifesaver…GIFT CARDS!!!

Gift Card

We hope you, your friends, and your family have a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.  Please reach out to American Car Craft with any questions you may have regarding getting that perfect gift for the car-lover in your life!



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