Dodge Viper Timeless Pieces On Auction

 Dodge Viper Auction

It has become recent news that the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant will become the new home of FCA US Car Collection, meaning that it will become a space that will showcase the company's concept and historic vehicle collection, and renamed, the “Conner Center”, located in Detroit. It will exhibit 85 of the nearly 400 concept and historic vehicles that will now be stored onsite under one roof.


So What?

Why is this important? It’s important because when the production of the Dodge Viper discontinued last year, the plant began to be disassembled of its internal warehouse items to make room for its ‘makeover.’ These items have been put up for auction and include a variety of timeless Dodge Viper products, including figurines, paintings, models, signed memorabilia, and more. This auction will go to benefit the United Way for Southeastern Michigan. 




Check It Out!

So if you're a Viper fan, we HIGHLY recommend you check out this auction going on right now by clicking this link - but hurry...the auction ends April 13th! 


Go to the auction site here:




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