Flag Feud 2018

Grr! It's a Flag Fight! 

As a company that is proud to handcraft custom car accessories right here in the USA, our designers are also especially patriotic which is why they're so proud of their versions of the US flag emblem - so much so that they are debating over which of these flag emblem designs are the best!!

Cameron's flag favors the flag as it appears on our military personnel's shoulders. It's a more tactical approach to the design. 

Rick's take on the US flag emblem is proudly patriotic and is directly drawn from the star spangled banner wave. 

These two will never agree who the winner is so it comes to you to decide.  Check out Cameron's or Rick'sand see which one fits your style! Click the like button below to choose your favorite design!

Two Designs Enter, One Flag Leaves. YOU DECIDE!


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