Giddie Up!

Christopher Terry submitted to us various photos of his car throughout the years (since about 2008). He bought his Mustang GT new in 2006 and started modding right away while using it as a daily driver. Around 2008 he became interested in the Dallas car show scene and decided to turn the car into a show car.


One of his, "Best unique additions was the 3 piece polished stainless hood panel kit from American Car Craft as well as the polished stainless false firewall from ACC, both were easy to install, require little to no maintenance and are very good additions for show purposes." He has since gone through the car completely. It is Procharged with a P1SC1 stage 2 supercharger. A Complete engine bay wire tuck and L/T ceramic headers with Spintech stainless exhaust among the many performance mods, custom made one-off billet pieces throughout the car, custom interior including a carbon fiber headliner, independently adjustable air ride system. The exterior has a Roush stage 3 front end, Saleen side skirts and a GT500 rear spoiler. He claims to have won over 100 awards with the car and is now interested in getting the car into some magazines, maybe you can help by sharing it around the web, but we'll leave that up to you, the reader.


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