Personalize Your Car With a 2020-2022 C8 Corvette Replacement Door Sill Carbon Fiber W/Brushed Stainless Steel Stingray Style Illuminated LED

Ready to upgrade your Corvette? Take a look at our C8 Interior Accessories where we have all the things you need to customize your C8 Corvette and take the interior design to the next level. 

The perfect way to upgrade your C8’s interior is to get a GM Officially Licensed Replacement Doorsill with the Stingray Style Insert that has an illuminated LED. 

This accessory is available in five different colors so you can further customize your car by choosing the color you want including blue, green, silver, yellow, or red. 

All the different colors are fabricated with real carbon fiber and have a stainless steel trim making them top quality and extremely durable. All our door sills will never tarnish, fade, or rust, so they will last you years and even decades to come. 

The best part about all our C8 door sills including the Stingray decorative option is that it is a very easy do-it-yourself installation. We include all the parts you need for installation and no drilling is required. This means as soon as you take it out of the box and unwrap it, you can install it in the car without needing to wait for friends or professionals to help you. 

This product fits all 2020-2022 corvettes and is a GM officially licensed product which means you can be sure the quality and the fit are perfect for your C8. It has a 100% stainless steel panel and you can choose your own LED color based on your style. 

If you’re wanting to add a unique and personalized door sill to the inside of your car, this illuminated Stingray style is the perfect addition. All parts are made in the USA and with the easy installation, you will be very happy with the product and the way it makes your car’s interior look. 

Why Replace Your Door Sill With Our C8 Interior Accessories? 

Whether your car is new or a couple of years old, you might be curious as to when to replace your door sills and why you might need to replace them if at all. 

Some door sills don’t need replacing but you could choose one of our accessories because you want a customized and nice-looking interior. This is the main reason why people choose door sills with designs. 

However, sometimes the door sills can become warped and old. When the doorsill is scratched, it cannot perform as well which makes the car look old. 

It also makes the interior of your car more vulnerable because water and ice can more easily get into the car if the door sills are not suctioning properly. 

If you see that your door sills are old and worn out, consider getting one of our durable and personalized options rather than just getting the boring options that come with the car without any design or light. 

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