Sorry, No Dancing Ladies, But There's 9 Free Bottles of This

You've got your polished stainless but what now? This free bottle can answer that question!


Like your gym teacher used to tell you, the best method of protection is prevention. What, you didn't get that speech? 

On this, the 9th "Business day of Christmas" we're gifting you with something better than socks and underwear, the glistening glory that is your engine bay after you've protected it with FREE Meta Glaze polished stainless steel wax.  

Much like insurance, Meta Glaze is one of those things you'd rather have on your car and not need, than need and not have. Just remember that prior to detailing anything it's always a good idea to go over the surface with some canned or compressed air so you don't end up with any fine scratches from the particulates you may not be able to see. 

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 In addition to giving you epic amounts of Meta Glaze we also invite you to enter our $500 ultimate giveaway where you, yes you, could win $500 in products straight from the hands of our talented fabricators... Even the ones that look like disgruntled elves.

Register to WIN!Look at it this way, if you enter, you increase your chances of brightening this little guy's day. Turn that frown upside down little elf! And remember, you're strong enough, you're smart enough and gosh darnit, people like you! 



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