The Definitive Winterize Your Car Guide

This guide will show you how to winterize your car as well as let you know what you should do with your vehicle this winter. We've gathered the facts so you can make the best decision for your car. 

Winter Weather Conditions: What to Expect

Get ready for what's sure to be an interesting Winter everyone not already being snowed on. With reports varying wildly depending on the source it can be difficult to determine when the right time to winterize your vehicle is. One thing all of the experts agree on is there's going to be more snow in the Northeast than normal. I'm sure if you're reading this from anywhere in the Northeast you were already counting on snow anyway. For how much snow, read on. 

Even In Florida?

Actually, we're good, but for you all buried under snow just look at this live camera feed of one of our beautiful beaches. Not fair I know, but according The Weather Channel the entire Southern US is going to be colder than average, with more rain than we're used to and that's saying something. Just for reference, a typicalFloridian will break out sweaters and fleece when the temperature drops to 60 but won't put their cars away unless there's a hurricane. 

In addition to the cooler temperatures, much of the Southern US will also be a wetter than normal place to be according to the Climate Prediction Center (CPC). This means that if you don't get snow, you'll get rain, and if you do get snow start stretching your back and stockpiling salt. Though the Winter Outlook looks grim there are a few bright spots for some parts of the country. 

Drought Relief 

How To Prepare

Many of you are just going to put the car under its cover and call it a day and that's fine, but you can always do better. Here are just a few steps you can take to properly winterize your car both for storage or just to survive the winter weather. 

Download the Guide! Click the button below so you don't get left out in the cold this year. 

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