Top 5 Camaro Mods for Summer 2017

Check out the top 5 Camaro Mods for this Summer.

Summer is right around the corner and with it come plenty of excuses to take the Camaro out for a spin. Whether you're off to the beach or just cruising through town to grab some coffee with friends we've got the best ideas to trick out your Camaro. Here are the top 5 Camaro mods for Summer 2017.


5. Get a brand stinking new Camaro

Nothing says, new look for Summer like brand new. A new Camaro starts at $25,905 and can have horsepower packages from 275 to 650 HP from the factory and clear up to 1,000 HP if you're wanting to exorcise some demons. The Gen 6 Camaro is an exciting vehicle, both to drive and just to appreciate from afar. There's also a ton of fun add on's you can get for the engine bay and for the Camaro exterior too. If you're in the market, this is a great way to upgrade for the Summer time. 

4. Vinyl Graphics

For years you've been told that vinyl wraps will hurt your paint. Maybe you've been brought up to believe that fresh paint is the only way to go. The truth is, paint is expensive and vinyl materials actually protect the paint they're installed on. The stories you've heard about paint fading are a myth.

The paint under the vinyl stays the same shade, it's the paint that is exposed to the Sun that fades over time. Putting a high-quality piece of vinyl on your paint won't harm it, it will protect it. Another myth, vinyl is just for large wraps, it's not. You can go big or you can get as narrow as a pin stripe. We've got small vent accents that are done via vinyl wrap decals, you can really do just about anything you can think of. Just make sure you're using premium materials, we can't stress this enough. When you don't use the best materials you can't be sure of the end result. Cheaper materials may fade over time, or lose adhesion to the surface of your car.

The bottom line is this, it's a cost-effective way to mod your Camaro for a few months or for a lifetime and no matter what design you go with you'll look good for the Summer and beyond. 

3. Small Body Mods

You'd be surprised the effect a small piece of trim can have on the look of the whole modified Camaro. A side marker light can be one of those things that bother you a little more and more the longer you stare at the outside of the car. But with a good surface preparation, you can change the  
One easy mod that anyone can install is the light up license plate frame. Talk about cool! These sweet pieces of stainless steel tech plug right into your existing license plate light and draw almost no power.

They look great day or night (especially night!) and will run you about $60 bucks. The tech that's lighting up is so thin there's no added bulk to your frame, so all you see is the brilliant text lighting up those hot Summer nights. It's still made from 100% 304 stainless steel and made entirely by us in the USA. 

There's also headlight, hood and mirror trim you can check out as well. All easy to install with big impact. 

2. Tint

You can't roll out in the Summer time heat without good tint. Not only does it customize the look of your car by darkening things up a bit, but it also brings down the temperature of your interior. Cooler interior temps mean that electronics will last longer and it also means you won't lose a layer of skin should it happen to make contact with the seats. Remember your car's interior easily reaches 100+ degrees and if you're serious about taking care of your modified Camaro we highly recommend getting some tint installed to make sure your investment stays pristine as long as possible. 

Again, it pays to go premium here so always make sure the company that you're buying from is using the best materials available. When you try to save money with these things like tint you end up with bubbles or a product that doesn't stay installed on your windows like it should.  

1. Engine Accessories

When you get to the show or any destination for that matter and you want to show off the car there's no better single mod you can do than to customize the engine bay. The modified Camaro engine bay is the number one area of the car no one will expect to be amazed by from a car standing still. With easy to install stainless steel accessories, you can literally transform your Camaro into something truly unreal.

We've got a great variety of Camaro engine accessories, all made in the USA, for the Gen 5 and Gen 6 Camaros. Each car has mods that can be installed individually or together as a complete kit. You can install these mods with painted or dipped stock parts and with a little abrasive prep you can paint or dip the stainless itself. That way you'll have a completely custom Camaro, made from high-quality stainless steel. The stainless material itself will never fade, rust, pit or otherwise let you down. 

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