Vin Diesel Leaks The 2018 Challenger Demon

So in case you missed it, Vin Diesel may have unintentionally leaked the Dodge Challenger Demon. In a video streamed of his closing statement to the crew of the film Fast and Furious 8 the camera pans over just enough to show not only the hood but a pretty good glimpse of the Demon's logo as well. 

Let's go over what we can see in the video versus what we already know from Dodge. Starting with what's already been released from the land of Dodge, we can see that this car will have a MASSIVE hood scoop. The Hellcat already sucks in an astonishing amount of air when it's running so the Demon must be a real heavy breather. 

Challenger demon hood scoop

Now, from the video. Recognize anything? Present is that massive Challenger hood scoop and a logo that certainly does not look like your typical Hellcat logo. The fender flares, they could be there just for the film but if the rumors of 100 or more additional horsepower stand true, you're going to want some wider tires on that monster. 

Vin Diesel Challenger Demon Leak

What's your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. Has the 2018 Challenger Demon been unofficially released or is this still just a tease? After seeing the look, are you still planning on getting one? If so, there's great opportunity to get some our incredible custom parts designed by us and free to you as part of our Prototype Program. Click the link and check it out and get in touch if you've got one on order. 

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