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Welcome to American Car Craft, the worlds leading manufacturer of custom stainless steel Camaro accessories and parts. All our parts are hand-crafted with the highest quality and made right here in the USA at our location in Hudson, Florida. One of the only accessory companies whose parts you can install on your Camaro without fear of voiding any warranties. These parts actually increase the resale value of the vehicles they're installed on!

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Steve n' Vhem Staycoff (2012 ZL1 Camaro)
The trip was quite eventful...we were attacked by numerous thumbs ups! The most notable was this guy in a pick-up that maneuvered around us and took pics with his smart phone. I think he gave us at least 10 thumbs up, accentuated by what could only be described as epileptic fits before he finally exited. I don't think I've ever seen a smile that wide before. We opened the hood at a gas stop for a nice gentleman and the guy actually grabbed his heart and stumbled backwards when he saw the stainless work of art. He admitted that he told the lady at the counter inside, "I don't know what's prettier, that young lady or that car." After seeing under the hood, he apologized to Vhem and told her that the car wins. Way too many stories...way too little time. We will have her out for the San Antonio Camaro Club meet this Friday. I'm sure there will be quite a few more jaw drops, drools and faux faints. The ZL1 is loving the attention."

11/12/2012 UPDATE - Red Camaro ZL1 Project Car..."So far we've been to car shows in Dallas, Houston, Elgin, San Angelo, Danbury, San Antonio, Castroville, Houston, Helotes. Nine total car shows netted 12 trophies including 1 x Base Commander's Choice (Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo), 2 x Best of Show, 1 x Best Display and 8 first place. Pretty awesome statistics! P.S. Attached a pic of me and Col Damiano, 17th Training Wing Commander, Goodfellow AFB, TX. The American Car Craft beauty knocked his socks off!" Click here to see the photo album for this ZL1 Camaro project car.

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