Custom 2018 Dodge Charger Accessories made from premium materials in the USA.

Bringing home a new Dodge Charger is an exciting experience. Soon you start noticing all of the other Chargers in your area. Then maybe you see one with a different look, something that makes it not quite factory. Here's how you can get that same look. All of these 2018 Dodge Charger accessories are manufactured in the USA and are made using only premium materials. We use 304 stainless steel as the base for all of our products. You can choose between a mirror-like polished finish if you're into chrome or, you can choose brushed. Choosing brushed opens up a lot of opportunities for you. Want to color match your car? Brushed is already prepped for paint shops which are found almost everywhere. You can also keep it brushed. A brushed stainless steel finish will stand up to just about anything and if you do manage to scratch it, simply follow the grain with a scouring pad to restore it to its original finish.

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