10 Clues Your Dad is a Car Guy

How to tell if your Dad is really a car guy

You’ve been wondering for awhile. Maybe there have been signals, maybe there’s nothing out of the ordinary but you keep asking yourself, “Is my Dad a car guy?” He keeps dropping hints but are you savvy enough to pick up what he's been putting down? Here are 10 reasons why your Dad may be a car guy. Keep a look out for any of these to clue you in as to whether or not he falls on that side of the fence and who knows? Maybe it'll lead to you connecting over a beer about something you both actually care about. 

  1. Frustrated Dad American Car CraftHe's always correcting you about your choice of car
    If there’s been an uneasy tension in the relationship since you brought home that Mopar after being around GM’s your entire life, your father might be a car guy.
    Car guys tend to be loyal to a certain manufacturer so be careful if you decide you’re going to live on the wild side and purchase something unexpected. Once the purchase has been made he may ask things like, “What were you thinking?” or “Are you on drugs?” If your Dad has said any of these things, you may be dealing with a car guy.
  2. He questions your judgment on mods
    If you’ve heard things like, “Do you even know how much Forgiatos cost?” or “Why do you want to put a racing stripe on that paint job?” your Dad may seriously be a car guy. Another dead giveaway is that your Dad always makes sure to drop no more than three potential upgrade options whenever you bring up your idea to change something. “Here are some good radios you could buy.” He might say that or maybe something like, “Only the best for my #3 daughter!” Clearly a car guy with that last statement.
  3. He prefers pictures taken together with you and the car
    car guy dad American Car Craft
    A great day with your Dad can end with a photo but only a car guy wants to make sure that their one true love makes its way into the shot. You may have noticed that if you’re blocking something you may be asked to move a little to the side or maybe you’ve heard, “This is so great! Let’s get a shot of us in front of the car.”
  4. How did he know where that damn bolt came from?
    Maybe you've found yourself in this scenario. You put it all together perfectly (you’re sure of it!) but the old man has to be the one to tell you where that one bolt really belongs. How the hell did he know anyway? Well, he’s probably a car guy and in this case, he’s got to be a closet car guy cause why didn’t you notice him wrenching on a single car by now?! 
  5. He thinks classic cars are superior to anything modern.
    Tired of the same old argument about how they don’t make them like they used to anymore and how everything new is “cheap” and/or “garbage” compared to the car he had as a kid? Maybe he just doesn’t like any car the same way he remembers his first (don’t tell Mom!). If Dad’s nostalgia for yesteryear squashes any new supercar performance spec you can throw at him, you guessed it, he’s a classic car guy.
  6. He keeps talking about the car and his will.
    old beater mustang car guy dad
    If your Dad is a morbid fellow and likes to threaten to not leave you the car when he dies, he’s probably a car guy. However, if the threat is to leave you the car then he's probably a car guy and a hoarder. You really hit the parental jackpot with that guy didn’t you? Now might be a good time to remind Dad why one of your siblings always was better.
  7. He keeps asking if you checked your tire pressure recently.
    tire pressure gauge car guy dad
    This breed presents a bit of a conundrum in the identification. A frequent mistake that’s often made is that the suspected car guy is actually a finance guy and he’s just worried you’ll have to buy new tires unnecessarily. Tread carefully here as using this signal to fully identify your Dad as a car guy could lead to gifts he doesn’t understand or that he’ll quickly return. 
  8. He cares that you haven’t waxed the car in a while.
    If he routinely opens a conversation with a question spoken in a semi-judgemental tone like this, “When was the last time you waxed the car?” Yep, probably a car guy. He’s probably wondering why you’re not as passionate about your car as he is with his. Next time he comes by, one up him by not only waxing the car but clay bar out the overspray and buff your stainless steel with some Meta-Glaze. Then you can say, "Not only did I wax it Dad, I also followed some detailing instructions on how to clean your car from a car show winner and came out with impeccable looking wheels!" Yeah, you're welcome. 
  9. He’s jealous of your new ride.
    That icy stare, those sideways comments that you’re not sure are really compliments or subtle jabs at your ego that won’t stop.
    Is Dad jealous of my new car?
    If the answer is yes, he’s probably a car guy who can’t afford your car. Maybe now’s a good time to be a good son or daughter and take the old man out for a spin. If you really love him, you’ll let him drive.
  10. Your best memories are at a car show with him.
    The number one best way to know that your Dad is a car guy is this. If when you sit there and think back about the great times you used to have with him way back when. If you find that you always had a good time with him at a car show or just cruising together. Cleaning the car or just talking about what he was going to do to get it running just right. Regardless of whether you argued or not, whether he embarrassed you or not, you had something that still brings a smile to your face even now. Maybe the way you used to watch him eye over custom engine accessories and wonder if he was impressed by the same things you were. Maybe you were always impressed by the control he had over all that power. Your Dad was a car guy and maybe you are both best friends or maybe you didn’t get along with him all the time or maybe you didn’t have enough time, but you’ll always be able to share your love of the automotive world, of cars, of trucks, of American muscle and ingenuity. If you haven’t already then maybe one day you’ll share those same reactions with your own children and you’ll know that you, like your Dad, are firmly a “car guy." Show your Dad that you're the best kid in the world with father's day gift cards

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