What Are The Headers Guards On Your C8 Corvette?

If you are ever looking at the parts of an engine and trying to figure out what all of the different parts do, then you are not alone. Many people really only decide to take a look at an engine whenever it breaks down or stops working, and then they take the time to learn all of the parts for the sole purpose of fixing the engine. However, it is worth learning a little bit about the various parts that make up your engine, because you can give them (and by extension your entire engine) a complete tune up.
One of the parts of the engine that you will need to get a handle on is the headers, which are surprisingly important to the engine, and here is why!

How Do Headers Help The Engine?

Engines work on the process of combustion, and whenever all the burnt out gases in the car’s combustion chamber burn out, they need to be pushed all the way to the exhaust system so fresh air can replace them. Headers are used to help with this process
Headers push the air out in order to prevent back pressure from entering the collector, and as long as back pressure stays low, the engine will continue to function. Each of the different types of headers gives you an increase in horsepower, and will remove the threat of backpressure.
Headers are also fantastic if you have a massive engine with a lot of torque, and they allow each cylinder to get the gas out of the car and into the atmosphere. The headers are an important part of your engine and they work to have your engine flow. Plus, if you want to add some serious power and performance to your headers, you will get it with a good group of headers!

Why Should You Cover Your Headers?

Headers are pretty good looking and are often in a very good place inside of your engine but that doesn’t mean that you can’t overhaul them a bit. You can get some C8 engine bay accessories that all focus on the headers, including the Polished - Stainless Steel, Header Cover Kit which is designed to fit over stick exhaust headers. If you like the perforated look, you can get the Polished or Brushed - Perforated Header Guard Cover Kit, and we also have the C8 Corvette Coupe Rear Engine Compartment Fender Caps that come with LED lights if you want to give the rear engine some love too!
There are plenty of different ways to cover your headers, and these are designed to be done for cosmetic looks, especially if you have engine covers that hide the messy blocks of wires and engine parts. Plus, they can protect your headers from dirt, debris, and other environmental effects to make sure your engine continues to run nice and long. You know how important the headers in your engine are now, and these covers are able to help keep your headers safe!

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