A Guide To The Three Different Engine Placements For Cars

Whenever you start looking for various cars, you will very quickly find that there are a lot of things to go over. For starters, the ways that the engines are put in the car can be extremely impactful to how the car works and how it drives. Getting a C7 Corvette that is typically front engined is going to be a different vehicle than getting a C8 Corvette that has the engine in the middle.
But what makes the three positions you can put your engine (in the front, in the middle, and in the back of your vehicle) so important? Are they merely design choices for the vehicles and done cosmetically, or do they actually impact how the vehicles drive? Here’s what you need to know!

The Front Engine Car

Front engine cars are extremely common in the world of cars, and in this configuration, the engine is at the front of the vehicle and in front of the driver. Typically you will find this engine mounted above the front axle, and this has a few benefits for drivers. For starters, these cars are often affordable, maintenance and access to the engine are practical and easy, and the driving is very comfortable.
The engine weight for these cars is on the front wheels so you won’t deal with understeering and will only need to deal with oversteering the vehicle, which can be very easy for drivers to manage. Additionally, having the engine in the front means that the storage space is increased as is space for passengers. Plus, the cooling is much easier because the air hits the engine and that helps cool it down.

The Mid-Engine Car

In these cars, the engine is behind the driver’s seat and typically is inside of cars that only have front seats, such as sports cars. This keeps the engine between the rear axle and the driver, which gives the car both good and uniform weight distribution and impressive handling on the road. These are two qualities that a sports car needs for sure, especially when it comes to the world of speed!

The Rear Engine Car

Finally, rear engine cars are mounted above the rear axle or rear wheels, and again these are typically seen in sports cars. These cars have better acceleration because the power is all in the back wheels, and stability at very high speeds. Plus, you also get very very good traction which allows for excellent handling and steering at high speeds.

Make Your Engine Look Good!

Finally, don’t be afraid to make whatever engine you have look good! You can ensure your engine is modern with the C7 engine bay accessories, such as the Vacuum Line Tuck Kit for hoses, the Hood Trim w/Center Brace for Z06 Corvette hood panels, the 2-piece C7 Corvette Stingray Hood Side Caps Plates, and the Corvette LED Illuminated Hood Trim Kit. All of which will enhance your engine no matter where it is!

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