Common Engine Problems And How To Fix Them

It is no fun to have engine trouble in a modern car, let alone a car like a C7 Corvette, and whenever you are dealing with engine problems it can be anything. The car could simply have a part that needs replacing, it could need to be cleaned, or it could need to be completely overhauled because smoke is pouring from the vehicle.
Even if you are handy with the internal mechanisms of your car and a set of tools, it can still be a challenge to fix your engine because you don’t always know what is wrong. So to help you narrow down the problem so you can start fixing your car, here are some of the common engine issues you might wind up facing.

An Overheating Engine Due To Lack Of Cleaning

People take a lot of time to wash their cars, especially their Corvettes, but the washing is typically done on the outside. They wash to get the dirt and debris off the surface of the car, but what about all the internal mechanics? The engine bloc of your vehicle is going to get dirty too, and what is under the hood of your car needs to be carefully cleaned.
But many people don’t clean their engines or perform the basic maintenance that will ensure the engine will continue to run like new. Compounded over years of use, and all the dirt and debris will mess with the engine and cause the parts to have to work much harder than they need to work in order to get the same result. This can lead to parts breaking down and the engine itself overheating.
So if you are dealing with an overheated engine, often the first thing you need to do is clean the engine and see if that fixes the problem. A good clean might just make it act like new!

Leakage of Oil or Coolant

Coolant and oil are the two fluids that are the lifeblood of your car. They keep parts cool and lubricated and they also ensure that every part of your car’s system works properly. However, if you are leaking each of these liquids, then that can lead to serious issues with your engine. Engine coolant keeps your engine parts cool, so problems with that will lead to overheating, and oil starvation can cause the parts of the engine to stop being lubricated so they start to grind up against one another.

Always Inspect and Protect Your Engine

Make sure that you are constantly inspecting and protecting your engine in order to make sure that everything works out. You can also provide further protection and utility to your engine with some C7 engine bay accessories, like the Polished Stainless Steel Fender Caps with LED lighting, a brushed stainless steel Fan Shroud Cover, and the high polished 2 piece Nose Cap. These accessories are going to make sure that your C7 Corvette is epic and good looking no matter what happens to the engine!

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