Get a New Car Interior With the 2020-2022 C8 Corvette Replacement Door Sills Carbon Fiber With Brushed Stainless Steel Stingray Style Insert Carbon Fiber

Bored with your car’s interior and want to make it more customized and nice on the inside? Check out all our C8 Interior Accessories. We have a wide range of different items you can buy for your car to decorate the interior and give it a more unique appearance. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your door sill, get one of our GM Officially Licensed C8 Corvette Replacement Door Sills Carbon Fiber with Brushed Stainless Steel Stingray Style Carbon Fiber Insert. 

This particular Corvette accessory is available in five different colors that are all made of carbon fiber and have vinyl inlay options in many different colors for the Stingray lettering. 

All the designs are fabricated with real carbon fiber and have a polished stainless steel trim ring making them extremely top quality and very durable. The stainless steel trim ensures that the door sill does not tarnish, fade, or rust. 

If you’re worried about installation, we have included all the things you need to easily install it in your car without needing to call on the help of others. You can easily put it in your own car in just a few minutes as no drilling is required. 

If you do need some help though, our website has many different tutorials and videos where you can watch someone installing the product and then follow their steps. 

Not sure if our replacement door sills are right for you? Here are just some of the great features you can get used to:

  • Fits all 2020-2022 C8 Corvettes

  • A 100% stainless steel panel means it will never fade, rust, or tarnish

  • Adds a very unique look to the car and makes it more stylish

  • All parts are made in the USA

  • DIY installation makes it easy to put in the car in just a few minutes 

  • Many different colors to choose from for the vinyl carbon fiber color inlay 

Why Replace Your Door Sills with a Stingray Style Insert from American Car Craft 

Here at American Car Craft, we do everything we can to ensure we only have the highest quality products that are all officially GM licensed so that they are the perfect fit and quality for your car. 

Whether you need replacement sills because there is damage to the old ones or you just want new decorative ones to give your car more style, we have the perfect ones for your C8 Corvette. 

All our C8 Door Sills are high quality and will give your car a more personalized feel so your interior looks different from other Corvette owners. 

You should replace your door sills if they look worn out or old because you want to ensure they are still working well as door sills are needed to keep water out of the car and keep the structural integrity of the car. 

You can also replace your door sills if you just want an upgrade and are tired of how the old ones look. 

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