How The C6 Corvette Was Used On The Race Track For Motorsport Success

Whenever we call the Corvettes of the world sports cars we often don’t think about them as actual sports cars. But there are plenty of official and unofficial sports races that see the C6 Corvette racing around the tracks and more often than not pulling out a few wins! But what makes the Corvette C6 so wonderful on the track? And why was a rule loophole so instrumental in the Corvette’s racing success? Here’s what you need to know!

The Rules Of The Race

Taking commercially available cars to the racetrack often comes with a lot of different restrictions. These cars need to meet approved standards in order to be used for competition, and a racing car needs to meet certain production numbers and must also be produced for street use. However, the C6.R was produced alongside the street going C6, which means that the car could be designed more aggressively and all of those engineering items could be added to the C6 along the way.
So the race car could benefit from the aluminum frames and the better fixed headlight units which both helped to reduce weight. The race car also had plenty of other features that were designed to increase endurance and performance, including an air conditioning system as well. Additionally, the car didn’t have a rearview mirror, but a camera on the rear bumper and a cockpit monitor got around this.

Why Is The Car So Great?

The C6.R has a very impressive winning streak whenever you compare it to other cars on the road and even other Corvettes on the raceway, and it has been able to hold its own in various endurance races. Part of the reason why the Corvette is so great is because the C6.R was produced alongside the commercially available C6, and also was able to take advantage of the C5.R’s design so the designers of the racing vehicle knew what to improve.
For example, the addition of a rear wing and a front splitter allowed the team of designers to get a better lift to drag ratio when compared to the C5.R. Additionally, technology was transferred between the C6R and the Corvette Z06, allowing both cars to benefit from one another’s advances in technology.
That’s why this race car has been able to rack up so many wins, and why the next generation of race cars still can trace some of their parts to the lessons learned from the C6R.
Whether you have the commercially available variant or you have a race car that you can’t wait to take out to the track, you will want to make the car your own. You can do this by making the engine your own with the C6 engine bay accessories, and these include Full Size Factory 1-5/8 Nickel Plated (Chrome Look), Decorative Replacement Hood Liner Fasteners, the Slotted Carbon Fiber (6) Piece Engine Fluid Cap Covers, and the Corvette Gold Style Executive Fluid Cap Cover Set.

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