Different Types Of C6 Corvette Models

With a runtime from 2005 to 2013, this generation of C6 Corvettes has various models of the same car that all sought to appeal to a simple niche or tried to make certain aspects of the car better. If you are trying to find a C6 Corvette that works for you and your needs then you might need to take a look at some of the C6 Corvette models!
Each of the models takes advantage of what people want in a Corvette, and you can easily find a version that works for you.

The C6 Z06

The first model that was actually created in 2005, the C6 Corvette turned into the Corvette Z06 model, which was equipped with the largest small block Corvette engine ever made. This engine was the 7.0 liter engine called the LS7 V8 which replaced the LS2 engine that was under the C6 hood.
This engine could produce 505 horsepower and 470 pound feet of torque, and the frame of the car was also made from aluminum which subtracted 136 pounds from the steel frame of the standard C6. The rest of the suspension components were made stiffer too, and the car was also much wider than the traditional C6 version. The Z06 was one of the most popular versions of the Corvette that was launched, to the point where customer demand was hard to meet.
And that is still somewhat true today, because it can be hard to find a C6 Z06 model that is not only well maintained but also available for a good price.

The C6 ZR1

The C6 ZR1 took the amazing performance of the Z06 and sent it up another level. The engine was able to have 638 horsepower and 604 pounds of torque, and it could reach a top speed of 192 miles per hour. The entire car was made out of carbon fiber and the lightweight material only aided in the car’s speed. Plus, the car also comes with a polycarbonate window and carbon ceramic brakes and magnetic ride control.

The Corvette C6 Grand Sport

Finally, at the 12th annual Corvette Birthday Bash in 2010 the grand sport model of the C6 Corvette was shown off, and this Corvette looks amazing and looks like a fantastic sports car. The new manual transmission, the stiffer springs, the transmission cooler, and even the unique wheel designs all make the car look like it belongs on the race track. It also will capture the attention of everyone whenever you drive this car on the road.
No matter what you find for your C6 Corvette Model, you can make the model of the car your own with some C6 engine bay accessories like the Executive Style Clutch Cap Cover (1-pc), the (5) Piece Chrome Engine Fluid Cap Cover Set, and the (6) Piece Chrome Engine Fluid Cap Cover Set, because they will make the car fantastic.

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