Issues That Can Happen With Corvette Tires

No matter whether you have a beautiful C7 Corvette or an old clunker that is about to give out, there’s one thing that connects all cars and their drivers. And that is a set of wheels! Wheels allow cars to travel along the road, and while some people might think that a wheel is a wheel and that is that, and even take wheels for granted, that’s not always the case.
Even the best and biggest Corvettes can have tire problems, and if you aren’t prepared to fix them then you are going to run into issues with getting your car where it needs to go! The tires of a car do need some care, and if you can provide the proper maintenance for these problems, then you can spend less time at the mechanic and more time on the road.

Common Corvette Tire Problems

Underinflated tires can be a massive problem that not everyone thinks about, and often many people simply don’t see the warning light flashing as a problem. But if you have low tire pressure, you are putting your Corvette at risk every time you are driving. Not to mention yourself, your passengers, and all the other people around you on the road and on the sidewalk.
For starters, low tire pressure can cause a blow out. Whenever the air pressure in a tire dips too low, the walls of tire flex more and that creates heat inside of the tire, and eventually if the tire goes and overheats, the rubber can separate from the structure of the tire and that can cause an accident. And of course, there is a much higher risk of the blowout occurring whenever you are driving at high speeds on a crowded highway or other area, which can increase the risk of a serious accident.

More Strain On The Engine and Fuel Economy

Additionally, if the tires aren’t at 100%, the car needs to work much harder in order to perform the same driving it would if the tires were properly full. Underinflated tires really resist rolling, which means that your engine is fighting harder and harder to make the tires move. That pressure can drain your gas and can also put more wear and tear on your engine.
If you don’t want to be spending more money on both the cost of fuel as well as replacement parts for your engine, make sure your tires are pumped up! If the low pressure gauge comes on, you need to respond to it.
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