How To Prepare Your Corvette For A Car Show

If you own a Corvette, then you might be surprised to learn that the thing that most Corvette owners do is take their Corvette to car shows rather than drive it on the open road. If you have figured that your Corvette is the type of car that should be taken to a car show and shown off to all the other Corvette owners, then you need to find the nearest car show and then follow these tips to make your car the most talked about vehicle on the floor!
There are plenty of different ways to make your Corvette shine, because even if you have taken care of your vehicle and treated it well with maintenance and proper cleaning, that isn’t enough to stand out at the local car show. Instead, you need to do a little extra.

Wash and Clean Your Car Properly

You will want to get some car specific soap for your vehicle, especially if you plan to enter it in a car show. While you should probably be using this type of soap for your regular washings and cleanings, you should be using it for your car show appearance as well, and don’t just get the basic soap as well. Spring for the soap that has some additives that can act as a second coat of wax.
Also, make sure to use a soft scrubber to remove any soap stains and bugs that are hanging on the car. For the windows and windshield you can use soap and water followed by window cleaner to clean the glass.

Make Sure The Engine Is Clean

Additionally, make sure to get every inch of your car both inside and out. Sure you can clean the outside, but also make sure to clean the engines and the interior of the car as well. You don’t want the hood of your car to be popped and that beautiful and powerful Corvette engine to be dirty.
Cleaning the engine requires specialized tools, so make sure that you cover the electronically sensitive parts of the car, and use the correct materials and extra care to clean the cool engine. Cleaning the engine can be a long and somewhat complicated process, but if you focus on it, you can get the engine looking good cosmetically and also the cleaning will increase the function of the engine as well.

Add In Those Little Details

A good decaling, some extra little details, and some C7 engine bay accessories can go a long way with getting your car looking nice and sorted out. Especially since those tiny details might be what separates the winners from the losers. So get some GM licensed, Stainless Steel Fuse Box Cover with "Corvette" Lettering, 6-piece chrome decorative Hood Liner Fasteners, and Polished Stainless Steel Fuse Box Cover with Laser-cut Ribbed Slots. All of these extra features and some good color customization can help your ride really stand out on the showroom floor!

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