Why Is The Front Engine Corvette Not Made Anymore?

Whenever you went to purchase your C7 engine bay accessories for your C7 Corvette, you needed to make sure that they were compatible with the front engine. This was an intentional design choice by the designers of the car to put the engine in front, but it isn’t being done anymore. Why was having the engine in the front so important for the C7 Corvette and why have all the Corvettes after that had their engines in the middle?
Most corvettes were designed to be front engine and rear wheel drive vehicles, and they didn’t have V8 engines until a man named Zora Arkus-Duntov made the V8 fit under the hood of the traditional 6 cylinder corvette.

Why Does A Front Engine Corvette Matter?

For starters, this design in the engine gives the Corvette that unique silhouette that just screams the word corvette and has done so for over the 6 decades that front engine corvettes have been in style. Plus, many older drivers come into a bit of money and they want to buy a car that was cool whenever they were driving and were all young.
Additionally, this means that the Corvette was able to use forced induction and a supercharger in order to really get some speed out of the vehicle. The C7 ZR1 was able to get 755 horsepower and 715 pound feet of torque out of the vehicle. This allowed for the smaller and more liner V8 engine to provide as much power as it could.

Why Is The New Corvette Mid Engine?

For starters, the front engine was a product of the time, and if you want drivers to purchase your cars for anything other than some nostalgia, you need to make sure that you are keeping up with the times. More and more modern drivers are looking for the newest features in their cars and that means engines that are in the middle of the car.
Additionally, this also allows the manufacturers time to tinker with the engine and better expand it. Giving drivers more traction, better acceleration, and a lower center of gravity to make sure that the vehicle is responsive when driving. A V8 super engine in the front was great, but it limited what the vehicle could do. Now the engine in the middle is ushering in the next generation of Corvettes, even if the design and the silhouette are off.

No Matter Where Your Engine Is, Keep It Maintained

No matter where your engine happens to be on your Corvette, you still need to keep it maintained and ready to go in the case of an emergency. While the Corvette might also be an older model, you should also keep your engine looking good with accessories. Including the Brushed Hood Panel kit, the Polished Hood Panel Kit, and the Chrome Plated Throttle Body Cover. All of these accessories will certainly start to wow people whenever you pop the hood of your vehicle!

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