The Common Problems With The C6 Corvette

As you finally pick out the C6 Corvette that will work for you, that will make you feel amazing, and that will finally allow you to drive the car of your dreams, you need to be aware of common problems that can occur. Whether you have bought a well maintained C6 Corvette or you have found a Corvette that needs a little more repair and TLC before you can take it on the road, you need to be prepared.
Here are some of the common maintenance problems you will run into with a C6 Corvette, and once you understand them you will be one step closer to being able to drive your vehicle!

The Valve Spring Can Fail… And Other Engine Problems

For starters, the value spring is the part that controls the intake of air and oil into the engine, and the exhaust of the burned out gas. In short, it is the item that makes sure all of the combustion that happens within your engine happens in the amounts that it is supposed to. The springs help make sure that the open valves are closed once the intake and exhaust action has been completed.
However, when the valve spring breaks, those intake and exhaust actions are not as tightly controlled and this can lead to serious engine trouble. The performance of both your car and your engine will suffer, and the engine itself can suffer severe internal damage.
Other engine problems and problems with the fuel lines have been reported on the earlier models of the Corvette, so make sure to know where to find those Corvette parts… which are not cheap! Or just go and buy a model of Corvette that isn’t susceptible to engine issues.

Foggy Headlights

With the exterior headlights of the C6 Corvette being so relevant, it makes sense that there are some issues with them. Many drivers have reported issues with foggy headlights that can cause serious problems while driving at night. Thankfully, cleaning the headlights can be an easy task. You just need to cover the area around the headlight with paper and masking tape, and then wet sand the headlight with sandpaper to remove the debris.

Have A Plan For Repairs

Researching some of the biggest issues that can occur with a C6 Corvette means that you can prepare for them and ensure that you can keep your vehicle in tip top shape. Don’t be afraid to stock up on tools and replacement parts. You might be spending a lot of time in the garage, but every repair is going to make your C6 Corvette better to drive.
While you are repairing, don’t be afraid to enhance the look of your Corvette as well with some C6 engine bay accessories! Accessories like the perforated ​​Polished - Stainless Steel, Fuse Box Cover, the non perforated polished stainless steel Fuse Box Cover, and the polished stainless steel Corvette Hood Panel Kit. All of these will give your engine some real shine and will make it much easier to fix.

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